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December 10, 2016 Horstman


If you are interested in other testimonials of my client you can contact some more people. The references could be given by :
Danial Taranto (978-897-7569)
Bill Reglin (574-875-4285)
Tom Tripplett (540-951-3111)
Mike Milligan (614-457-3111)
Bruce Ambler (250-459-2367)
James Box (641-682-5062)

About the Author

Horstman Horstman’s Kodiak Guide Service /E-mail: [email protected] , Phone: 001(907)9427738 / hunts on native, corporation, state, federal and BLM lands that we secure permits for. On most of these hunts, it’s just me, a client and my dog Adele, an eight year old German Wirehaired Pointer. In some cases, I hire a packer assistant who doubles as an interpreter. Unless otherwise requested, all of our hunts are one-on-one, allowing us to focus in on the needs, interests, and capabilities of each hunter. I’ve been offering hunts in Alaska since the mid-1980s Kodiak brown bear being my primary target. Hunting Mountain goats , Sitka Blacktail deer and waterfowl are also arranged.

Horstman's Kodiak Guide Service