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Recommended Gear List

unting Gear

– Quality binoculars- You’ll look through these all day!! 8X32 or 10X42 recommended
– Spotting scope w/tripod (optional)
– Rangefinder if desired
– Rifle of appropriate caliber with at least one box of ammo
– Quality sleeping bag rated to at least 10°F (synthetic recommended)
– Sleeping pad
– Bivy sack (recommended for Sheep hunters, optional for Moose/Bear hunters)
– Quality backpack; external frame or large internal frame for Sheep hunters, internal
frame or daypack OK for Moose/Bear hunters
– Trekking pole and/or shooting stick (optional, recommended for Sheep hunters)
– Lighter, matches, knife, water bottle Nalgene or equivalent (two for Sheep hunters)
– Headlamp and/or flashlight
– License, tags, harvest tickets, and photo ID (archery certification card if appropriate)


– 4-6 pair wool or synthetic socks
– One or two sets of wool or synthetic long underwear (top & bottom)
– Two long sleeve top layers (synthetic shirts/light jacket)
– One mid weight layering jacket
– One synthetic or down insulated jacket or vest
– Wind resistant top & bottom
– High quality rain gear top & bottom-Don’t skimp on these!! I recommend bringing
Helly Hansen rubber rain gear to go over any Gore-Tex style rain gear
– Wool or synthetic winter hat
– Waterproof gloves
– High quality hiking boots w/gators; especially important for Sheep hunters! Please
break in your footwear (use for at least a month) before your hunt!
– Ankle fit hip boots or Simms Gore Tex wader pants with Simms wading boots for
Moose & Bear hunters (Simms wader pants recommended)

ersonal Items

– Toothbrush, sunscreen, required medications, etc.
– Camera, book
– Alcohol/tobacco if desired
– Cashiers checks or cash as required for trophy fees and your guides gratuity
– Positive attitude and desire for success!


Hunts Itinerary

ase Camp

– Once hunters arrive in Alaska, they will be put up in a privately owned lodge, where
hunters will be provided with a hot meal and shown to one of the multiple guest
cabins where they can store personal items.
– Here we will organize hunters gear, fire rifles if necessary, and ensure all paperwork,
licenses, tags, etc. are in place before heading into the field to begin the hunt.
– Depending on weather conditions and arrival times, hunters may then depart directly
to spike camp, or spend the night at the lodge

icenses and Tags

– Hunters should purchase their hunting licenses and required tags online well in
advance of their arrival. These can be purchased from the Alaska Department of Fish
and Game and will be mailed directly to hunters homes prior to their trip. Please
coordinate with me to ensure proper hunting licenses and tags are secured well
before your trip date. All information concerning that is here :

Please fill up the licence here and send it ot me :

pike Camp

– Spike camps consist of high quality tents known as “Bomb Shelters” designed
specifically for use in Alaska’s harsh weather conditions. These tents are equipped
with cots, propane cookware/heaters, and plenty of food and fuel for the hunt.
Hunters should bring their own sleeping bag and pad, synthetic sleeping bags are
– Rafts are available for use, and depending on the hunt location and weather
conditions at the time of the hunt, as well as hunter preference, a float style hunt can
be conducted. Backpack style hunts are also an option, depending on hunter
preference and fitness level.
– Sheep hunts are almost exclusively backpack hunts. Spike camps will consist of two
or three man tents with freeze dried food, and lightweight gear and cookware.
Hunters should pack minimal gear and plan to carry all personal items, clothing, and
hunting gear.
– Spike camps will be in place and attended before the hunters arrive at base camp.
Hunters will be loaded into light aircraft and flown to the hunting location, which may
be anywhere from a 15 minute to a one hour flight away.
– Any special needs or dietary considerations should be arranged with me prior to the
hunt to ensure a comfortable camp experience.
– All guides will be equipped with a satellite telephone or comparable communication
equipment, and assistance is always a phone call away. Once an animal is
harvested, the guide will notify myself or camp staff to retrieve the animal as soon as
– Safety is always my first priority, and inclement weather can cause delays in small
aircraft flights, but I will be available for assistance with an aircraft standing by at all
times during the hunt.

unting Style and Weather

– Hunting style is all spot and stalk method, and hunters should come prepared to
spend long days on the spotting hill glassing for trophy animals. Good rain gear and
optics are top priority on this hunt.
– Weather during the months of August and September can vary greatly as this time of
year marks the changing of the seasons in the Arctic. Hunters should be prepared for
a wide range of weather conditions, including cold and wet conditions. Temperatures
can range from 25 to 60 °F, and can bring rain, wind, and even snow.

rophy Care, Export, and Departure

– Trophies will be transported from the field, back to the base camp by myself
and camp staff. There they will be cared for and prepared for shipment.
Arrangements will then be made to ship trophies to a trophy exportation company in
Anchorage, Alaska. From here hunters will be contacted directly by the export
company to arrange transporting their trophies to a taxidermist of their choice.
– After returning to the base camp, hunters will be made comfortable and
will be able to relax and regale camp staff with tales of the hunt while their departure
arrangements are changed as necessary.

Thank you for your interest in the hunts I offer, and please feel free to contact me, Mike Horstman
at any time with further questions, or for advice on and upcoming hunt! My contact data : PHONE.: +1(907)9427738
E-MAIL: [email protected]


Hunt contract

for Kodiak bear hunt

Alaska State law (AS 08.54.680 and 12 ACC 75.260) requires a big game Registered Guide-Outfitter to provide a written
contract to document services being provided and items for which the client is responsible. A contract shall be delivered to the
client within 90 days after receipt of deposit, or before services are provided, whichever is earlier.

Client may only sign contract if the following statement is true. “..My right to obtain or exercise the privileges granted by, a sport
fishing, hunting, or trapping license is not suspended or revoked in another state or province.”

Delay of client arriving in the field on schedule or departure of client from field before the contract hunt ends will not result in a
refund. All deposits and hunt payments are non refundable. All hunt dates are final unless other arrangements are made with the
Registered Guide-Outfitter. Harvest of an animal terminates the hunt and a wounded animal is considered a harvest. The purchase
of trip insurance is suggested.

When contacting us please be patient. Most of Kodiak is remote and our access to cell and email service can be very limited. We are happy to answer questions regarding our services and our hunts. Be assured we will respond to your emails and messages. Response time may vary from immediate to a couple hours, few days on up to a week in the event we are in remote camp with no service at all.

Mailing Address:
Horstman’s Kodiak Guide Service
P.O. BOX 8286 Kodiak, AK 99615

PHONE.: +1(907)9427738
E-MAIL:  [email protected] or  [email protected]



Horstman's Kodiak Guide Service