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Visit to Germany. Part 2

Hannover hunting show was an ok show but it was a lot of families and tourists and not a lot of players as far as a hunting scene. It was nice to visit , but not good for spending money forpromotion of my services. Salzburg will be my next show, I have never been there before, I was told it is a very good one and a very professional one. So, if you want to make an appointment, just send me an e-mail or call me.
My german hunting experience is hunting a wild boar.

Kodiak Bear Hunting Alaska Guide Service for Hunts Brown Guided in for Moose Caribou Mountain Goats Black Fishing Salmon Halibut Big Game Hunter Island Recreation Outdoor Travel Registered

Kodiak Bear Hunting Alaska Guide Service for Hunts Brown Guided in for Moose Caribou Mountain Goats Black Fishing Salmon Halibut Big Game Hunter Island Recreation Outdoor Travel Registered

From: Blacktail Bob 14-Jan-16
“Horstman and Cole Kramer are two different guides and businesses. I know Mike. I dont know Cole, but I’ve heard nothing but the very best things about him from others.
Mike is a great guy who is a lot of fun to be around and he’s got a ton of experience on Kodiak Island.”

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Thank you, Bob!

Best regards,
Mike Horstman

Mike Horstman on History Channel
S 1 E 6
Death Charge
Husband and wife hunters Hal and Michelle Barber face off against a charging Kodiak bear. They win the battle against the raging beast, but their fight to survive isn’t over. Hungry, dehydrated and slowed down by the effects of Hal’s diabetes, The Barbers struggle to make their long journey back to their cabin. Ex-NFL pro turned bear guide Eric Fischer is a no holds barred hunter who believes in pushing himself and his hunters to their limits. His hunter, Marty Loring is a deer guide from Canada who experiences the most intense hunt of his life navigating the grueling Kodiak terrain. Veteran bear guide Mike Horstman is on his second hunt of the season. His hunter, Mike Redes, is living his dream on this bucket-list hunt. He has total faith in his guide, and it comes in handy when he loses sight of a potentially wounded bear and is forced to rely solely on Horstman’s keen eye.

History Channel with Mike Horstman
The review from History Channel :
” S 1 E 7
In the Crosshairs
Hunter Marty Loring has wounded a bear that has disappeared from sight. He and his guide Eric Fischer must track it down, but in the adrenaline-induced search, Marty loses Eric, and disappears into the dense Kodiak brush without the safety of his guide. Legendary bear guide Scott Mileur and his hunting partner Greg Accord lead a hunt with two crop dusters from Arkansas. It’s the last hunt of the season for veteran guide Mike Horstman; Alaskan resident hunter Darrell Weatherall joins him. During their hunt Mike spots one of the biggest bears he’s ever seen on the island, and christens him “Big Papa.” At Flickenger Ranch, rancher Chris Flickenger and his wife Shelly are still plagued by the bear that killed one of their horses earlier in the season. When Chris and Shelly do a count of their cattle, they notice a significant loss that forces Chris to go out on a solo hunt for the beast, in a last ditch effort to save his ranch.”

History Channel about Mike Horstman:

The History Channel writes about me :
If Kodiak is the edge of civilization, then Mike Horstman’s cabin in Eagle Harbor could be considered the edge of the world. It’s a place where it can take a week just to run to the store for groceries. Mike is coming to the end of a long and respected career as a guide, and finds himself pressured by family and friends to play it safe and move back to civilization. For Mike, it’s his golden hour—every hunt could be his last.”


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My trip to Germany. Part 1

My friend prepared some presents for me.

It is just a perfect outfit for the next gun show. This time I am just looking around at “Pferd & Jagd” show in Hannover. Next time I am going to Salzburg, Austria. It is called “Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei”. So, we can see us there, just send me an E-mail on [email protected] in order to scale the appointment. And now, it is a high time for me to go hunting. I want to get a wild boar tonight.

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